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A simple tool and easy tool to check if an email addresses is valid or not.
Stop wasting money by handling users who don’t exist.

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Reduce your costs

Save money by using an Email checker tool

Remove non-existent or fake users from your mailing lists and stop paying to send emails whom will never be read by anobody.

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Make sure your emails will be delivered

Avoid Being Considered As Spammer

Sending email to fake address increases the change for your server to be blacklisted  (considered as SPAM). By cleaning your list, you’ll make sure your email will be well delivered

Stop handling users who don't deserve attention.

Email checker tool to clean your lists

Stop sending emails to fake account. Upload your contact lists then let us spot the account you should remove.

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What do we check?

Role based email address

Is it an address that a company address not associated with a single, specific person.

Domain & SMTP Check

Check if the domain exists and if it's valid.

Email format test

Check if the format is valid an not mispelled.

Disposable Email Check

Get rid of disposable emails that are no longer used (Yopmail, Tempmail etc).

Free provider detection

Be notified if an email comes from a free email provider: Gmail, Yahoo mail, Outlook etc.


Check in multiples databases to see if the address is known to be a fake one.

Our clients say

"By using AcyChecker I've been able to reduce the amount of undelivered emails sent every month. The marketing cost of my campaigns decreased a lot!"
Hilary Leigh
Website manager
"We've been considered as SPAM in the past months as we were sending email to non-existent email addresses. That's now an old story thanks to AcyChecker"
Hall Read
Marketing manager
"I'm using the WordPress plugin and I'm in love with it. It allows to block subscriptions coming from fake accounts so I'm sure my users are real ones!"
Quintin Angus
"I've been waiting for so long to find the perfect tool to clean my lists. I'm so glad I found AcyChecker!"
Jillie Tempest
Shop owner
We Solve Real Problems

Why using an email checker tool?

Social Media​​

Export your contacts from social medias and remove fake accounts before targeting them.


Increase your email opening rate and your conversion rate by sending email to real users.

Money Saver

Save money by reducing the amount of failed email every month.

Avoid bounces

Get rid of all these bounces you receive each time you send a campaign.

Protect your website

Prevent fake accounts from subscribing to your website by using our plugin.

Deliver your content

Never be considered as SPAM anymore by sendin your email to real users only.

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