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Introducing our email checker tool

Nowadays, emailing has more than 3.9 billion active users worldwide. More and more users are signing up to newsletters on websites. This practice has become common practice for companies and allows them to inform and retain their customers thanks to a properly completed subscription form. Gmail has almost 1.5 billion active users, but what about the others? Email addresses are not always valid or active.


Sending newsletters to invalid addresses not only harms the sender, but more importantly its reputation.
You risk being considered as a SPAM and not being able to send any more emails.

That’s why many email checker companies such as AcyChecker have been created to help you sort and clean up your email lists.

Why should you clean up your mailing list with an email checker?

Cleaning your lists is a step that should not be ignored when sending your marketing campaigns or newsletters. It ensures good deliverability and reduces the rate of undelivered emails to your recipients (bounces).


Here are 5 reasons to clean up your mailing list:

1 – Improve deliverability

Cleaning up your lists with an email checker helps to improve the deliverability of your emails. Email deliverability is when an email arrives correctly in your recipient’s mailbox.

Not all emails are received by the recipient. They may be rejected or fall into the spam folder. Deliverability is affected by the quality of your emails and the validity of the email addresses in your contact list.

In other words, if you send an email campaign to a majority of invalid or non-existent addresses, your future emails are more likely to be considered SPAM. It is therefore essential to perform regular sorting and to pay attention to the emails that sign up for your newsletter.

A good deliverability rate will reduce the costs of sending newsletters to invalid emails and not end up in SPAM.

2 – Have a good reputation

When you send emails to invalid or non-existent addresses, the reputation of your domain name is the first to be affected. To have a good reputation, you need to have IP addresses and emails that are recognized as being of good quality by Internet Service Providers (ISPs).

Indeed, reputation is a score given by anti-spam systems. If you have a good reputation, ISPs will route your emails to the recipient without any problems. If you don’t, your emails will be blocked and never reach their destination. Reputation is related to several factors:

  • The sender’s address
  • The sender’s domain name
  • The content of your email (links)
  • The routing service used (external sending services, SMTP…)

By cleaning up your lists, your reputation will be improved. A good reputation means good reception. A good reputation is built over time, so make sure you manage the quality of your addresses and subscriptions.

3 – Reduce your costs

Email is not free to send. If your database is not optimized, you may end up paying extra for sending to addresses that will never receive your email. Save money by cleaning up your lists.

4 – Improve your open rates

Maintaining your database will improve your open rates. Invalid or non-existent emails do not tell you whether your campaign was successful or not. Sometimes emails can be duplicates, non-existent or bounces. Your figures are then distorted and do not give you the real result of your campaigns. Regular cleaning will allow you to improve the performance of your database.

5 – Avoid bounces

A bounce is an email that has not been accepted by the recipient’s email service or ISP. The email is therefore not received by the recipient, and you receive an error return email (bounce).

There are two types of bounces: soft bounces and hard bounces.

Soft bounces are caused by a full mailbox, an inactive mail service or a message that is too heavy.

Hard bounces can be caused by a non-existent recipient address, a mail service that no longer exists, someone went in holidays, email considered as SPAM or a domain name that is no longer valid.

A high bounce rate can only indicate that your database contains many invalid addresses and that it should therefore be cleaned and updated. These two bounces should be avoided because they impact the deliverability of your emails and damage the sender’s reputation.

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What is AcyChecker, our email checker tool?

AcyChecker is a mailing list cleaning service (email checker) created by the AcyMailing (a WordPress newsletter plugin) team.

This email checker allows you to improve the deliverability of your emails, to reduce your costs or to keep a good reputation by using its WordPress (or Joomla) plugin or its API.

This email checker allows the verification of emails at different levels:

Domain and SMTP check

This check allows invalid or non-existent emails or domain names to be deleted. It also checks the quality and validity of the SMTP services used by the recipient.

Role email checker​

Role emails are generally company addresses not associated with a person but with a group. For example: [email protected] or [email protected].

Disposable email checker

Disposable emails are email addresses that are used to receive junk mail. YopMail for example offers to create temporary fake addresses to prevent spam.

Free provider

This check identifies free providers in your database such as Gmail, Yahoo, Outlook…

Email format checker

This test is used to check the format of emails. It checks whether the address is correctly formatted.

In-depth tests

We can't share all our secrets but tons of other tests are being applied to the email addresses to test its validity and make sure that's not a fake one.

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